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04.05.2023 AI & ChatGPT to craft sourcing messages How can you use ChatGPT & AI in sourcing/recruiting? (https://sourcer-recruiter-lets-have-some-fun.notion.site/How-can-you-use-ChatGPT-AI-in-sourcing-recruiting-5cfa8339a3f146d3afdc6d7460547424)
05.04.2023 Inclusive communication A journey towards inclusive communication (https://sourcer-recruiter-lets-have-some-fun.notion.site/A-journey-towards-inclusive-communication-efc24c56f3b0450584179d3647e8ef1e)

Kickstarting a new role

A need for a new role have been identified within your team. Now it's time to roll up your sleeves. Here's a step by step process allowing you to collect insights.

👯 Who's involved? - Manager to share the vision and scope of role.

➿ Step by step process and toolkit

Understanding the role you're hiring for

Learning about the landscape

Discovery phase

Defining role specifications

Defining the scorecard

Designing the interview process

Kickstarting your sourcing

Translating a role brief into an informed sourcing strategy

Building materials

Crafting engagement messages

Building your (ideal) recruitment workflow

Kick-starting sourcing

Sourcing methods

⚒️ Sourcing checklist

to save some time

to send messages

to scrape data

to find email and social media profiles

to find.. everything - Swiss knife

to find resume

to find documents

to find Twitter profiles

to find Linkedin profiles

to find AngelList profiles

to find Medium profiles

to find Quora profiles

to find Meet-up profiles

to find StackOverflow (developer) profiles

to find Github (developer) profiles

to find Designer profiles

to find Kaggle (data) profiles

the unclassifiable ones

How can you use ChatGPT & AI in sourcing/recruiting?

Additional Tricks & Tips

🚧 Under construction


Self-service hiring by Blinkist

(re)Engaging your contacts

Providing feedback to applicants

Organizing your time

Organisational design

Compensation benchmark

Onboarding & Off-boarding

A journey towards inclusive communication

Inspirations & Ressources

Awesome communities